Alex ("Alex"?) Chernov

Occupation: geek, linguist
Instruments: guitars, samples, sneaky backstage camera
Residence: Moscow
Other bands: Maestro Nosferatu
Favourite book: books by Ray Bradbury, H.P. Lovecraft, Arthur Conan Doyle
Favourite movie: Star Wars IV-VI, Back to the Future, Robocop, Phantom of the Paradise
Favourite drink: Cola
Favourite food: Self-made. Tasty and unhealthy :(
Favourite bands: In Extremo, W.A.S.P., Elvenking
Favourite childhood's cartoon: Treasure Island, Life with Louie, Kim Possible
How would you call a movie about yourself: "Mr. Chernov's Home for Peculiar Friends"
The best place to hide from hideous monsters: In your bed with a flamethrower by your side and an axe under the pillow.
What scares you most - death or immortality? - I prefer stability, so I see nothing scary in immortality.
Worst bands you can remember at once: I prefer to forget such bands at once! Maybe some of Russian Rock bands far too praised to mention.
Strangest concert experience: When two guys far beyond middle age came up to me after I had gone off stage, hugged me and said that I brought gothic rock back to life.
In which place you would never want to play your gig? - In 2011 we played in a crowded basement with bare concrete walls, tiny stage covered by miles of sparking cables and wires and a laser on the ceiling pointed right in the faces of musicians on stage. You know what? Nevermore!
What animal do you associate yourself with? - A lazy friendly dog.
How many musicians do you need to build a house? - That's kinda weird to build a house out of musicians. Is that legal?
What would you do if you got $1000000? - I'd build Mr. Chernov's Home for Peculiar Friends and hire someone to make a movie about it.
Without what you wouldn't survive on a desert island? - Without glasses my survival there would be questionable.

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