Occupation: rock star
Instruments: drums & drumstick projectiles
Residence: right behind the drum kit
Other bands: supposedly more than one
Favourite book: In childhood - Karlsson-on-the-Roof, at present - Post Office by Bukowski
Favourite band: Mötley Crüe and ViaGra
Favourite food: Pizza and Dr.Pepper
Favourite childhood's cartoon: Flying Ship, Treasure Island
How would you call a movie about yourself: "Broken/Wasted"
The best place to hide from hideous monsters: Between huge boobs!
What scares you most - death or immortality? - Can't wait for Bill Gates to develop a computer with San Junipero.
Worst bands you can remember at once: Kino, Zveri, Nirvana and by default any support bands that are obviously out of place.
In which place you would never want to play your gig? - Those with a tiny stage with dead gear and shitty sound. But would gladly LOL at Korwus playing in Blue Oyster.
What animal do you associate yourself with? - Little chipmunk.
What would you do if you got $1000000? - I'd open an orphanage.
Without what you wouldn't survive on a desert island? - One can survive without anything - just give me the island and my $1000000.
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