Johanna "Joe" Ergwath

Occupation: local mastermind
Instruments: Vocals
Residence: Moscow
Other bands: Aella, Victim's Foretaste, Whisper of Graves
Favourite book: The Dark Tower by S. King, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by D. Adams and Mindswap by R. Sheckley share the 1st place
Favourite bands: Bring Me The Horizon, Behemoth, Celldweller
Favourite drink: Prefers her tea green
Favourite food: I hate food and wish people didn't eat at all!
Favourite childhood's cartoon: Angry Beavers
How would you call a movie about yourself: "20 Years of Solitude"
The best place to hide from hideous monsters: If you hide, you'll never know what they want from you.
What scares you most - death or immortality? - Death of course. If you are not afraid to seize to exist, you must be an idiot!
Worst bands you can remember at once: Some of those I used to be in. Can't remember the names already.
Strangest concert experience: A gig away from Moscow, when the organizer treated us as huge stars, while in Moscow we only took part in lousy festivals with beginner bands.
In which place you would never want to play your gig? - At some official celebrations like City Day.
What animal do you associate yourself with? - Ehm... Next question, please?
How many musicians do you need to build a house? - One will do if he earns enough to afford a team of builders.
What would you do if you got $1000000? - Wake up soon enough after that.
Without what you wouldn't survive on a desert island? - Without modern benefits of civilization, e.g. the Internet.

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