Alex "Korwus" Kabanov

Occupation: retired magician
Instruments: bass, hyperactive voicehole in the face
Residence: allegedly Moscow, but all that "I must leave the rehearsal or I'll miss the last bus" stuff indicates that it's a terrible lie
Other bands: Scythe of Time
Favourite book: Traclatus Satanicus by Andreas Schlieper
Favourite band: Deadstar Assembly
Favourite drink: Mojito
Favourite food: Something salty + buns!
Favourite childhood's cartoon: Beavis and Butthead
How would you call a movie about yourself: "A Wandering God"
The best place to hide from hideous monsters: A bunker
What scares you most - death or immortality? - Both are good and beautiful, as immortality is just an endless cycle of death and rebirth.
Worst bands you can remember at once: Tatu, Руки вверх!, Аццкая Сотона
Strangest concert experience: My very first gig in 2010, when our only viewer was the bartender.
In which place you would never want to play your gig? - In a gay club.
What animal do you associate yourself with? - An owl at night, a chameleon at daytime.
How many musicians do you need to build a house? - You'd better hire a bunch of builders and get one musician to provide the soundtrack!
What would you do if you got $1000000? - I'd quit my job.
Without what you wouldn't survive on a desert island? - Without jokes.

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